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In a nutshell: Planet Pootwaddle is an “oasis” of ear candy. And, as such, an extensive collection of familiar and eclectic music all coupled together with a healthy dose of 12-year-old-boy humor. The whole thing is seamlessly bound together with our unique brand of production or as we like to call it: “jingle magic.”
An album cut station, Pooty cherry picks the latest music releases and plays them generously in an effort to keep our listeners entertained and up to date. Pootwaddle is radio for people who like ALL kinds of music. Our promise is great music, a good laugh and, occasionally, something to really think about.Pootwaddle is the scatological brain baby of 48 year radio veteran Michael Sheehy, known for programming and producing stations like KNX FM The Mellow Sound and KTWV The Wave both in Los Angeles and the internationally known “Killer Tracks” music library. All veteran actors & radio potatoes … Pootwaddle Cast and Crew members include radio legend Shadoe Stevens (American Top Forty, Hollywood Squares and countless others), Robert David Hall (CSI), Terry McGovern (Star Wars), Wally Wingert (The Tonight Show), Mona Marshall (Southpark), and voiceover legend Brian Cummings (longtime voice of ABC Disney) plus a host of others.Pootwaddle jingles courtesy of Ellis Hall (former lead singer for Tower of Power, a California Raisin and longtime protégé of Ray Charles)Technical guidance by engineering Einstein Greg Ogonowski No one on Pooty’s Cast or Crew pockets one dime. Planet Pootwaddle is produced and presented in a non-profit effort to provide an intelligent and oft times silly alternative to mindless programming and corporate greed. Yes it may sound trite … but we do it to give something back … and because we know how … and someone has to … right? Enjoy!
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