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About Nova Radio North East – The voice of the North East Nova Radio is a community radio project broadcasting 24 hours a day to the people of the North East, live on via our live stream. Based at Breeze Creatives in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne! We support the community of the North East with training, confidence building, art expression, and freedom of speech and opinion. Created by the community for the community, Nova Radio is solely designed to engage the community in activities surrounding broadcasting, music production, and promotion, discussions, debates, interviews, information and personal development.
Nova Radio is run entirely by volunteers, from our on-air personnel to everybody behind the scenes. We’re a community group creating radio for the communities across the North East and beyond via the internet.
Écouter Nova Radio North East en direct en ligne depuis la Royaume-Uni / Musique pop / Musique soul / 90's / 80's radio. Nova Radio North East Radio gratuite en direct.

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Emplacement: Royaume-Uni / Musique pop / Musique soul / 90's / 80's
Adresse: Bamborough House, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 2BH
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